Rotarian of the day was Bill McGuire with our program being Connie Marshall with Emily’s Legacy Rescue.
Emily’s Legacy Rescue started in 2014.
They hold regular adoption days at the Wichita Falls Petco location.
When pets come in they are evaluated. This includes seeing if they are good with other pets and people. Their physical health is evaluated as well.
They have a 9 kennel facility off of Kelley Rd in Wichita Falls. However, they only do adoptions through applications not walk ins.
Foster Families:
They are in need of foster families! Saving the dogs lives by having a houseguest pet can be rewarding.
Being a foster family means: First giving that fur-baby a bath! Emily's Rescue will provide ALL of the vet needs. This includes flea killer, vaccinations, and any other medical needs.
Fostering mean you with help provide a loving home, crate and leash train, and introduce them to other siblings.
For the past 2 years the number of puppy litters has been rapidly on the rise.
One of their annual events is B.A.R.K. in the park. The event was a free clinic that provided rabies vaccinations, microchipping, and city registrations in Burkburnett. With 40 volunteers, It was a huge success. 176 dogs receiving services. 16 dogs received free spay/neutering.
Local Adoptions- They are in need of people willing and able to adopt older dogs.
Underdog Express- Emily’s Legacy rescue is in partnership along with P.E.T.S. to help transport dogs to New York City. About 40 dogs a month are transported. Most dogs are adopted within 9 days of their arrival.