Posted by Fr. John Munson on Apr 17, 2018
Don Hardy was the Rotarian of the Day. Don's guest was Dr. Tylor Chaplin, BISD Superintendent.  Tylor gave us a great update on the projects currently underway in our school system. The Hardin school building will host a closing ceremony on the last day of school, then it will be converted into offices for the Superintendent and the staff. The building is of historic interest in Burk, and it will be preserved. The opening ceremony for the new school will be August 9.  There will be a lot more project based learning going on in the school, as well as some online classes available so that a few students in one of our schools can join with other students online to learn subjects that may not be available locally. Our small school system is forging ahead in many areas, and using technology to give our students a great boost to get ahead in life.