Pastor Kyle Bateman presented information about Phased In, a program whereby foster children who have turned 18 years old are taken in and taught lift skills, and are helped to complete high school, and helped to attend college if they desire. More information can be found by

What is the P.I. Project?
The P.I. Project is a transitional living program for emancipated foster youth. The goal of the PI project is to assist these young adults in learning basic life skills that will prepare them for independent living.  Phased In will provide housing, education, medical care and life training through an 18 month program currently sponsored by the North Texas Dream Center. Through the combined partnership of the church, the community, and the State of Texas, the P.I. Project will embrace these youth who were never adopted to ensure that these young adults achieve self-sufficiency and stability. Finally, the P.I Project will provide the most vital and missing dynamic in the lives of these young adults – Family.