Posted by Fr. John Munson on Oct 10, 2017
Roger Stauffer was a substitute Rotarian of the Day. Roger's guest was Jeff McKnight, from the Law Offices of Jeff McKnight, P.C.  Jeff started with a couple of lawyer jokes, which were well received. Jeff was an assistant prosector in Collin County for the first two years, then returned to his home town of Wichita Falls to set up a private practice. Jeff gave us a very comprehensive explanation of the state court system, beginning with the local municipal courts, and on with the local Justice of the Peace Courts (806 Courts) with our own Rotarian the Hon. Nancy Viavattne, the 
Constitutional County Courts (a total of 254) our own presided over by Judge Woody Gossom, the Statutory County Courts at Law (243 Courts), the Statutory Probate Courts (18 Courts), the State Trial Courts (465 Courts), the State Intermediate Appellate Courts, the Texas Supreme Court, and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.