Rick Sims was the Rotarian of the Day, and he presented LeAnn Moran, the administrator of the Wichita Falls Regional Airport. They showed us pictures of the planned airport facility, and the condition of the current facility. From the presentation, it sounds like this project is well overdue. The current building has been remodled six times, and still is not adequate for the needs of the passengers. Ms. Moran forsees a great increase in traffic at the airport once the project is completed. Rick is a partner of the architectural firm on the project, Bundy, Young, Sims, & Potter, which designed the new airport building and grounds. Ms. Moran suggested that we tour the old facility to understand the need for the new. The airport will also have a museum which include the Curtis Jenny, which has been hangared at Kickapoo Airport (see http://www.scs99.com/jn4-d-jenny.html)  and a T-38, the current trainer.