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We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Burkburnett Culinary Academy
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Burkburnett, TX  76354
United States
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Dr. Moore brought Mickey Fincannon, the precinct two County Commissioner.  Mickey introduced himself and told of his history in Burkburnett.  Mickey grew up in Burk, and owns several businesses in the area, including High Caliber Range. He was a WFPD officer for 28 years, and then retired.  He was elected Commissioner last November.
Ducos and PetersenFrank Ducos was the Rotarian of the Day. Frank welcomed Leslie Petersen from the Wichita Falls Community Foundation who spoke to us about Texoma Gives 2020.  For details visit
Tim and KatieTim Cornelius was the Rotarian of the Day. Tim's guest was Katie Ford, director of the Burkburnett Boys and Girls Club.  The doors have been closed for a while, but a lot has happened in the building during the pandemic. The kitchen was remodeled, some new appliances were installed, and a lot of construction was accomplished.  A fire suppression system has been installed. The second floor has been remodeled with new access ways installed. The club invested in an app that allows anonymous reporting of abuse.  The app allows kids to check in with the club and notify their parents of their arrival. Announcements can be broadcast to all members and parents. 
On June 1 the club opened for summer session, with a limited involvement. There is a health check for each kid before they enter, and they are required to wear a mask. The staff is involved in disinfection and cleaning in the building while the department is outside. There is frequent hand washing by department, as well. Free hot lunches are offered every day, and there are some new activities.  On Aug 17 the club will open as after school program as the schools open.  Guidance is provided by the Boys and Girls Club of America, and Katie is also monitoring the Governor's page and the CDC to ensure that all of the kids are safe.
Lahoma and RegenLahoma Vaughn was the Rotarian of the Day. Lahoma's guest was Regen Recer with the local office of the Texas Forestry Service. The local office is mainly concerned with supporting Fire Departments around the state with logical help with resources to fight fires and work to prevent future fires. The Service works with local land owners to plant wind breaks with trees, and fire breaks with heavy equipment.  See more at:
Dear Rotarians,
I am writing this letter to inform you that Josh’s family will receive emergency care boxes filled with food for his family.  Juanita, a nurse who is currently caring for  COVID-19 victims, will receive Personal Protective Equipment that is needed for her and her front-line healthcare teams.
Your generous donation will be distributed to the three regional hospital systems and three regional food banks provide services who are our recipients for this grant to provide support to all counties in the 5790 District.
Danny Taylor was the Rotarian of the Day.  Danny guest was Leslie Schaffner, the recently hired President of the Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation.  Leslie gave us a great preso on the work of the foundation.  The Endowment of Grace Ministries is just one of the 278 funds managed by the foundation.
Today we hosted three Burk High School students to compete in our annual four way test speech contest. Some friends came to judge the contestants.
Mike Tugman was the Rotarian of the Day. Mike's guest was John Gillespie, the new District Attorney.  John is from Burkburnett and is a Rotarian in Wichita Falls. He gave a very engaging presentation about the DA Office and his vision for the future of the office. John's father was a member of the Burkburnett Rotary Club and was a former president. John got a great work ethic from working with his father, who was a pharmacist in Burkburnett. 
Don Pellikan was the Rotarian of the Day. Don's guest was Mark Beauchamp, county commission for PCT 1.  He gave us an update on the new County Jail and Sheriff's office, and other county business. 
Rod Ryalls was the Rotarian of the Day. Rod's guests were WFFD Chief Jon Reese and Assistant Fire Marshall Jaren Burchette. They spoke to us about the assistance they gave to the California Fire Fighters during some of the recent wild fires out there.
Matt Patterson was the Rotarian of the Day. His guest was Tom Talbert, MD. Dr. Tom is working with a new treatment clinic that deals with opioid addiction, what used to be known as a Methadone Clinic.  The opioid addiction is a real scourge in this country. Over 30,000 young people overdose every year. Many have lost jobs, families, friends, and health as they spend $500 or more a week on their habits. Before becoming associated with the clinic Dr. Tom did a lot of research. He found that many saw the Methadone clinics as a crutch, which trades one addiction for another. Dependency and addiction are different things, and those with dependency are not necessarily addicts. Addiction is caused by a mental disorder. We have a pleasure / reward system that is built into our brains. 10% to 15% of the popluation have a disorder that makes this process out of control. It is primarily inherited, and if both parents have the gene for addiction disorder, a child will have 75% chance of developing addiction. It is not a moral choice, but a mental disorder that must be treated as such. Craving something is a normal thing, but an addiction can develop, so methadone allows the treatment of the craving and disorder without giving a feeling of being high.  Combined with counseling, patients can recover and break the cycle of pleasure / reward system of drug use.
Brad Owen was the Rotarian of the Day. He presented to us information on a new app for student and staff use to report bullying, or other emergencies. Also, the officers of Student to Student, which reaches out to new students, who came to tell us about their program.
Keith Myers was the Rotarian of the Day.  HIs program was a presentation about several of the foreign exchange students who are in our schools this year. We heard from kids from Denmark, Germany, South Korea, and Spain. We learned about some of the differences between their home countries and the US.  One thing they all found out was different here is that the teachers were very friendly, and they got to know their names. He heard about how the students and families are put together, and how much the families are supervised. 
John Munson was the Rotarian of the Day. His guest was his bride, Laurie Munson, who displayed the icons that she has written, and gave us a history of iconography.
Today we were honored with a visit from our District Governor, Gerald Robinson.  Roger talked about what the club is doing in the community.  Danny Taylor was presented his Paul Harris Fellowship plus 5 pin, showing that he has raised $1000.00 for the Rotary Foundation for each of the last five years.
Christina Haworth was the Rotarian of the Day. Her guests were Shannon and Jack Miller who began a project called "Blessing Boxes."  Two of the boxes have been placed in Burkburnett, one at the community garden, and one at St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Church. 
Guy Duke was the Rotarian of the Day. The program was a tour of the new Burkburnett Justice Center by Chief Ed Stahr and Lt. Lahoma Vaughn.  Roger gave us a summary of the Texoma Gives campaign. Rotarians of our club are involved in many charities in our community.
Danny Cremeens was the Rotarian of the Day. Danny's guest was Mike Tugman, CPA, who gave us facts on the current tax laws. The top earners, 1% of Americans, pay 43% of the taxes collected, the wealthy do pay taxes. For 2018, only the first $10,000.00 of sales taxes paid will be deductible.  Mortgage interest deduction is reduced from the first $1,000,000.00 to $750,000.00. Deductions for employee related travel and expenses has been eliminated. Brokerage fees are no longer deductible. The standard deduction was raised so that fewer tax payers get more than that. Alimony will no longer be deductible. There are many more changes, go ask your own CPA.
Tim Cornelius was the Rotarian of the Day.  His guest was the new athletic director and football coach at the Burk High School, Jason Meng.  Jason gave us a great view of the motivation program he is using to bolster the players toward excellence. It was very impressive, and we really enjoyed his presentation. 
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